Final Assessment Week

The High School Assessment Days for Semester I will occur starting on Thursday, January 25th through to Tuesday, January 30th of 2024.

A reminder to all parents/guardians that if your child is not in attendance for their final assessment that you are required to notify the office of their absence. 

Driver Education 2024

March 5th, 2024— Our next Driver Education class starts May 21st, 2024..

Our current class started  April 15th, 2024. This class will be on location at Martin Collegiate. All Classes will run from 3:30pm-5:40pm in the Lunchroom.  Check out the Bulletin Board outside the main office for all our Driver Training Program information and an application form, as well as the MySGI account information found below. Students must be 15 yrs by the class start date. 

SGI Customer Number Information