Graduation 2021

We expect to have updated information here, as it becomes available. 

Graduation Requirements: In order to graduate from high school a student must have received credit for all compulsory classes and have the minimum required credits determined by the Ministry of Education. A student who has not completed these requirements in June but will complete them in the following semester may elect to have their composite photo taken with this graduation class. If a student needs more than one semester to meet the graduation requirements it is more appropriate that they participate in next years graduation proceedings.  

Graduation Ceremony: This is the event when a student receives their diploma.  If an in person graduation ceremony near the end of June is permitted by public health orders, we may have to do so in smaller groups over multiple days. At present, Martin Collegiate's Graduation Ceremony is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, June 23rd at 4pm.  The location for this year's ceremony is Mosaic Stadium. 

Family Reception: No plans for the school to host an event such as this at this time

Senior Class Prom: There are not plans for the school to host an event such as this at this time.    

Rehearsal for Cap and Gown Ceremony: TBD

Gown Distribution: TBD

Senior Class Photos: Book your appointments HERE.  Call Lifetouch Canada if you have any questions 306.949.8448.  Camera sessions will take place Tuesday March 23rd to Friday, March 26th at Lifetouch Photo Studio located at 650 Henderson Drive in Regina.  Prior to your appointment, please read to the COVID protocols attached to the email that was sent from our Principal.  

Valedictorian: In late May, early June Grade 12 students may nominate a student to give the Valedictorian address or they may apply directly to the Principal to give the address themselves.   Students will be asked to consider the academic, extracurricular and leadership efforts that students have made at Martin Collegiate before they submit a choice for Valedictorian.  Once all applications have been received the Grad Committee will select a Valedictorian. The Valedictorian Speech will be included in the graduation package given to students.

Financial Commitments: TBD

Contact: Please contact our main office at 306-523-3450 or email if you have any questions.

Graduate Checklist 

  • Stay connected to your PRIDE teacher, the Grad Google Classroom and our social media promotions as sources of information.  Here is a link to the information to be discussed during the PRIDE meetings on March 3rd and 4th.

  • Credit Counts and Graduation requirements discussed with PRIDE teacher

  • Attend PRIDE and Grade level PRIDE Assemblies to stay informed.  Submit Gown Sizing, Baby Pic, Yearbook Quote and Post Grad Plans etc. as requested. Sit for a Cap and Gown Class composite (yearbook) photo.

  • Request an official transcript:  Sask Ministry of Education Transcript Requests

  • Consider applying or nominate someone to make the Valedictorian Address

  • Pay school fees, return textbooks. 

  • Celebrate safely with family and friends