Final Assessment Week

The High School Assessment Days for Semester I will occur starting on Thursday, January 25th through to Tuesday, January 30th of 2024.

A reminder to all parents/guardians that if your child is not in attendance for their final assessment that you are required to notify the office of their absence. 

Please email or call the Martin Collegiate Main School Office (306) 523-3450 to report your child's attendance during Final Assessment week. 

Thank you in advance for your assistance as your diligence in reporting your child's attendance will greatly reduce the workload on our office staff. 

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    - Students that have outstanding assignments or need to complete activities related to passing their classes should be engaged in the process of Credit Completion during Final Assessment week.

    - There is NO SCHOOL for students from Wednesday, January 31st through to Thursday, February 1st as these are School Turn-around Days for faculty and staff to conduct the business of completing Semester I and preparing for the start of Semester II.