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The Academy program is committed to fostering a positive learning environment while addressing a variety of individual needs and differences. Academic success, athletic aspirations and a sense of belonging are important factors to consider when choosing your high school experience.  Students in the Academy program become part of a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere.  The program is designed to help them pursue excellence in life through special programming, a flexible timetable, and professional training and expertise. As high school progresses, some students may decide elite or competitive sport is not in their future. If this is the case, students who participate in our program consistently develop the tools necessary to become a youth coach, official and contributing member in their community.  Through interpersonal relationships with enthusiastic teachers and like-minded classmates our program fosters life-long participants in sport, health and wellness.

Academy Program at Martin Collegiate

Designed to develop leaders of tomorrow through specific interest-based educational experiences. The innovative sport-focused programming at Martin Collegiate delivers core curriculum with sport specific electives. Through increased student engagement our program aims to help student athletes develop a level of “life balance” as they progress through their academic and athletic goals during their high school experience.

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Martin Collegiate hosts a variety of opportunities for students to be actively involved in their high school experience.  We strongly encourage students in the Academy program to participate in the extracurricular programs offered at Martin Collegiate. Our school has a wide range of activities for students to participate in.  This includes a variety of arts programs, high school athletic opportunities and numerous clubs in this thriving academic culture.



Our academic advisory team works collaboratively with students and families to help them achieve academic success. We provide academic guidance and support for our students if away for their respective sport for extended periods of time. We also provide information to our student athletes about Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) and post-secondary opportunities in the United States. This includes supervised SAT/ACT preparation for our athletes aspiring to study abroad.


This innovative programming at MARTIN ACADEMY provides you an opportunity to begin your quest for excellence today!


Application for Martin Academy for 2024-2025 School Year

Please go the main registration page to see information regarding application process and timeline for the Martin Academy Program for the 2024-2025 school year. 


If you require financial support and would like to discuss potential grant options available please contact Kim Perepeluk or Rob Cherepuschak.