Violence Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA) Fair Notice Letter

Regina Public Schools believes that the safety of students, staff and everyone who enters our schools and offices is of great importance. Our Shared Values of "I Respect" and "I Belong" speak to the belief that great learning starts with schools that are safe and comfortable environments in which to learn, work, grow and play. We also work closely with families and community partners to provide supports our students might need to ensure that they are healthy and successful at school.

It is the commitment of Regina Public Schools to treat all students with dignity and respect. This includes intervening to protect students from injuring themselves, other students, staff, or members of the public. Ensuring safety establishes a safe, caring, calm, and productive learning environment. To this end, we have worked with a number of community organizations to develop the Regina Human Services Partnership :Community Threat Assessment and Support Protocol". Read more HERE...

To view the Violence Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA) FAIR NOTICE FOR PARENT COMMUNITY click HERE.

To view the VTRA Fair Notice for Students click HERE.

To view the Community Violence Threat Risk Assessment & Support Protocol brochure click HERE.

To read the Community Violence Threat Risk Assessment & Support Protocol signed document click HERE.

To learn more about VTRA in Regina Public Schools and our role in the Regina Human Service Partnership, please follow this LINK.