Premier is designed for elite student-athletes who currently train for their sport during the school day.  In many cases, these athletes already compete at a provincial, national or international level in their chosen sport.  Where possible, accommodation is provided by modifying a student’s timetable or assignment schedule to avoid conflict with their training or competition timelines.  However, it may not be possible for all course requests to be met.  Parents are responsible for the transportation to and from their chosen training facilities. 

We welcome the opportunity for student-athletes to discuss their needs with us based on their chosen sport. A few examples may include: figure skating, swimming, diving, water polo, rowing and tennis.  Sport specific training will be provided by the student-athlete’s current coach or provincial governing body.         

The academy will provide a flexible academic schedule for each student in the Premier performance stream along with academic guidance and in-school fitness and cross-training activities from our nationally certified strength and conditioning instructors. This program is designed to complement the athlete’s overall development in collaboration with the coaches and governing bodies.


Strength and Conditioning Instructors:  

Brent Adam 

Warren Gilroy


Please contact one of the following coordinators to set up a school visit at Martin Collegiate:     


Kim Perepeluk



Rob Cherepuschak