Our School

School and Community Profile

Martin Collegiate opened in 1959 and is one of 7 public schools serving grades 9-12 within the Province of Saskatchewan’s capitol city, Regina.   In the province of Saskatchewan, education is a shared responsibility between the  Ministry of Education and locally elected Boards of Education.    There are 27 School divisions in Saskatchewan including Public, Separate and Francophone school divisions.   Regina School Division is one of the largest divisions within the Public School divisions in Saskatchewan and Martin Collegiate is the 3rd largest high school within the division.   The school’s enrolment comprises of approximately 750 students and over 50 staff.  The school is a unique combination of students from the  surrounding communities and the greater Regina area that attend the Martin Sports Academy Program within the school.     Martin Collegiate hosts Advanced Placement courses for enrichment and students have access to University of Regina Accelerated courses while they are attending high school in English, Early Childhood, Anthropology and Art Design.   As well, Martin includes a Vocational Adaptation Program for students working towards independence and the world of work.

Campus Regina Public

Unique to Regina Public Schools is Campus Regina Public (CRP).  CRP provides high school students (Grades 11 and 12) from across the division the opportunity to enroll in a specialty area receiving two high school credit courses, and dual university credits.  Each course is industry supported and features approved training that may not be available in their home school.  Students will engage in learning opportunities with others who share their passion for a field of study which better supports their learning as they prepare for the transition to post-secondary studies and the workplace.  This opportunity is open to all high schools in Regina Public Schools.

Academy Program

The Academy Program within Martin Collegiate allows high performance athletes to have a flexible schedule while they access high level training for their chosen sport.   The goal of the Academy program is to prepare students for college, university and elite athletics while promoting life-long health, wellness and learning.   There are over 250 students currently enrolled within the academy program at Martin that consists of a hockey, baseball, softball and premier athletics program.   Academy athletes have earned many athletic scholarships in baseball, softball, diving, water polo and more in both Canadian and U.S. universities.      

Athletic and Extracurricular Programs

Martin Collegiate is a member of the Regina High School Athletic Association (RHSAA), fielding cross country running, soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, hockey, curling, badminton, archery, track and field, and flag football teams.     Teams and athletes have won several local and provincial titles in these programs most in provincial girls wrestling and cross country running.   In addition, Martin proudly hosts unified sports for our special learners.   As well, Martin students can get involved in our Student Representative Council, Drum Group, Debate Club, Improv, eSports, Gay Straight Alliance, and ACT programs. 

 Fine and Practical Applied Arts Programs

Martin Collegiate offers Choir, Jazz, Band, Musical Theatre, Drama, and Visual Art as credit courses.  Each course provides many opportunities for students to perform both for the school and community audiences.  In addition, Martin offers many options in the technical arts providing courses in Communication Media, Photography, Design Studies, Graphic Arts, and Construction to students.



The Saskatchewan Ministry of Education defines the curriculum for all Saskatchewan students.   The Ministry of Education tracks credits attained in grades 10, 11, and 12 in order for a student to qualify for graduation. 





Grading and Ranking

Grades 9-12 are evaluated on a numerical marking system.    Academic recognition (Honour Roll)  is given to students who achieve a minimum of 79.5% based on 6 classes in grades 9 and 12 and 7 courses in grades 10 and 11.   Marks are taken from a predetermined list of courses for each academic year including required, specified and elective courses.  Regina Public Schools does not participate in student rankings.