Martin Collegiate Advisory - PRIDE

All Regina Public High Schools have a student advisory program in place. Educational research and practice overwhelmingly demonstrates that when an advisory program is in place students do better at school. While in PRIDE, students and their advisor will work together to:

  • Develop a greater sense of belonging
  • Regularly monitor attendance and academic progress and communicate with students and parents
  • Develop an online portfolio for career and planning and to track academic progress
  • Enjoy a smoother transition to high school and from high school to post-secondary education and work
  • Acquire life skills that will be applied now and in the future.

Teachers at Martin will act as an Advisor to a small group of students in a specific grade. All students in grades
9-12 will meet with their teacher advisor for fifteen minutes each day. This approach will allow every student to become very well known to at least one adult in the building. The PRIDE teacher also becomes a sustained contact point and conduit of information for parents.


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