Welcome to Martin Collegiate!

Before registering for any classes at Martin Collegiate - or any high school in the Regina Public School Division - students who have recently arrived in Canada must take an initial assessment at the NewComer Welcome Centre. This assessment, along with the student's previous school records, will help determine the student's course selection for the year.

Students must earn 24 credits to graduate, which is about 8 credits per year in grades 10, 11, and 12. Students learning English as an Additional Language (EAL) may need an extra year or two, depending on their level of English.

Martin Collegiate's EAL Program offers classes to improve English proficiency and study skills. Students are placed in these classes according to their level of proficiency. It also provides core and elective classes designed specifically for EAL students, including:

  • EAL Literacy Classes - are foundational non-credit classes that focus intensively on improving English skills and prepare students to take grade-level classes.
  • Locally Modified Classes - are elective credit classes that enrich English skills and are offered at different proficiency levels. These classes are: EAL A10L, EAL B10L, EAL A20L and EAL B20L. 
  • EAL Tutorial - are classes to improve student achievement in subject classes, as well as improving English proficiency and study skills.


Martin Collegiate follows the Saskatchewan Health Authority's COVID-19 Guidelines strictly. If a student misses school due to illness or a medical appointment, please call the school office at (306) 523-3450 to notify the school and excuse the absence.

EAL teachers at Regina Public Schools work closely with the NewComer Welcome Centre and the Regina Open Door Society.

Regina Open Door Society assigns a worker from the Settlement Support Workers in Schools Program (SSWIS) in each school to help with the integration of newcomers to the community. The SSWIS Program's supports include school orientation, registering EAL students in sports and artistic activities and introducing other school and community services. EAL students are encouraged to participate in these programs to promote their language development.

Martin Collegiate strives to create an inclusive environment that promotes student engagement. Please do not hesitate to contact the EAL teacher if you need further information and assistance.

Welcome to Regina and good luck in your studies!