The Baseball Academy is a skills-based academy, which specializes in high performance training and skill development.  In addition to our high-performance approach, the program is designed to prepare each athlete for lifelong involvement in the sport.  


Program Overview

Students in the baseball stream are grouped based on grade level to ensure we meet and exceed curriculum outcomes efficiently.  Skill development is built into the school day under the guidance of highly experienced and qualified educators.  This includes on field instruction, fitness instruction, classroom learning opportunities and mentorship. In addition to baseball specific experiences, students’ progress through a four-year approach to physical education that enhances their sense of self and personal wellness.  While many outcomes are met through the “lens” of baseball, our students still experience all the necessary outcomes of the physical education curriculum in our province.  The Baseball Academy is designed to be a compliment to the programs offered in our province.   This includes the current club system and various travel programs in the community. 



Baseball development sessions take place at Currie Field and Optimist Park during the warm months of the school year.  As the seasons change, students move indoors to train in the Martin Academy Hitting Facility and the Affinity Plex.  Additional experiences are provided at a variety of facilities throughout the city of Regina and surrounding area.


Fall Approach

In addition to our on-field skill development, the highlight of each fall is often the Green & White World Series.  This event takes place during the school day and features a five-day series amongst students in our program.  The Green and White World Series provides a wonderful setting for our students to learn more about themselves and the game of baseball.  In the past our program has played baseball games on various weeknights in September.  As we look ahead to the fall of 2022, we will consider this evening addition to our program once again.   


Winter Approach

As fall passes, we move indoors to the next phase of our program.  Students participate in a multitude of learning experiences to enhance their skill development and physical strength.  Early in this phase, our students participate in a “combine” that allows them to participate and evaluate certain metrics in the sport of baseball.  This experience provides a nice foundation for each student’s approach to personal goals.  We are tremendously fortunate to have the ability to use the indoor facilities that we do.  While the focus of the program is the sport of baseball, students will experience several curricular experiences found in a traditional physical education setting during this time.


Spring Approach

As the baseball season begins, we continue to provide skill development opportunities for our students.  However, we reduce our approach of baseball activities to ensure our students can be healthy and active participants with their club team in the evening.  This time of year also allows us an opportunity to provide numerous curricular activities outdoors.



Bus transportation is provided during the school day for each of our students.


College Opportunities

Those who aspire to play college baseball receive the necessary support from our Academy staff. We take great pride in educating students and their families about college opportunities for their child.  Our alumni list of college athletes expands each year.  As students’ progress through the program, their experiences on and off the field will develop them into self-confident “academy men” who are committed to improvement as student athletes and community leaders.    



 In the past our program provided students with travel opportunities during their time in the program.  As we navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, our travel has been limited over the last few years.  However, our academy staff will revisit travel opportunities in the future, provided it is safe for our students and a necessary component of our program. This situation is constantly changing and we will ensure up front communication regarding travel as information and school division policy is available. 


Baseball Academy Instructors: 

Rob Cherepuschak

Justin Eiswirth


Strength and Conditioning Instructors:  

Brent Adam 

Warren Gilroy


Please contact Rob Cherepuschak to set up a school visit at Martin Collegiate.